AyoAyo being a Realist!

Cafe business is a dream and since it is easier to enter into this business,
many people want to try, but why many players fall out within 3 years.
Competition is intense and people suffer from the difference between what is ideal and what is reality.

I envisioned my cafe business would continue as long as possible.
Because, through this business, we can connect and influence people in the society.

Let's create a wonderful place and the future together.
The story always begins with us.

I want to be your place as a good cafe.

I am a romanticist, but at the same time, I can explain everything because I am a realist.
I'm not interested in winning by chance or luck without knowing why.
It makes us unhappy.
It's unhealthy to wait forever and expect lucky things.

To continue doing what you like, there is always a need to know how and why you won.

Take the Challenge.
Get evaluated
and be accepted.

Product development is the challenge
Evaluation is the sales
Acceptance refers to profit.

Repeat this process many times whatever it takes until you master it.

It's important to repeat.
I believe I am repeating three different focuses.
It is daily bread for us.

Schedules, objectives, and goals are managed correctly and each one tries to understand the role.

We know those days when we want to grow to give us a chance to succeed, so we are constantly changing. We are not afraid of changes so we act and should handle it well.

The challenge is the necessary cost for the business.
It is not an additional effort.
That in itself is not a profit to the company.

It can be costly and must be recovered.
You will only be profitable when you can recover the cost from the revenue.

It has no meaning as a businessperson unless evaluated.
Do not waste your effort and time.
Sometimes it is necessary to recognize yourself as you do your best,
but try to make others understand more.

If society needs it, you can stay there.
There is no place for you unless people need it.

There are many evaluations out there, and we carefully choose which one we need.
In the challenge phase, products are created based only on our ideas and opinions, but at the evaluation stage, we respect the opinions of others.

People want to get it.
I've always thought about who I am, cherished those who needed us.
I'm sure we are okay.

Please understand it correctly.
Schedule and task management are promises from your self.
Don't break your promise.

The target is the person who needs it.
Whom do you want to deliver?

FEEDBACK is just someone's opinion.
You lose sight of yourself if you are influenced only by opinions.

People often don't understand what they really need or what they want.


Let's create a wonderful future together.
The story always begins with us.

I want to be your place as a good cafe.




  • フィリピン留学から海外就職支援まで GENSEI IKEDA
  • フォトグラファー/ビデオグラファー MAYUYU TANAKA
  • フィリピンでの事業支援 TATSUYA YAMAGUTI


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